EU FundingAccess to financing

The European Union supports companies and research institutions with a variety of funding programs and financial instruments. In addition to research and development projects, the EU also funds projects in the areas of education and training, the environment and the development of new markets. The thematic range of funding programs is broad. In addition, there are different application and reporting forms as well as differing modalities for the disbursement of public EU funds.

If you are not familiar with the European jungle of public funding, you will miss out on many opportunities. That is why the partners of the Enterprise Europe Network help you to find and apply for suitable funding opportunities.

The following services are offered:

  • Information on the various EU funding programs, content, application deadlines and access requirements

  • Checking project ideas for eligibility for funding

  • Identification of suitable funding programs

  • Putting you in touch with national and European contacts and potential project partners

Current tenders

Here you will find a list of current calls for proposals in the European Union's funding programs: